Alice Lin

Black Fairy.

Pencil on paper


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Joanne Nam.

Recent work by the incredible Joanne Nam.

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Philadelphia based artist Yis Goodwin (Nosego) left his mark in Fort Wayne Indiana with his new mural. Nosego’s creatures belong in a land of their own with their playful disconnections and colorful explosive parts.

There should be a Nosego Version Candyland …I’m just saying.

If I can’t have that - then perhaps I can just drool over this miniature hand painted mural on the side of a miniature comic book store that just went up on his site

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"ExVoto: prayer for sun" 2014, ink on moleskine paper, cm 21x26

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Here’s my piece for Light Grey Art Lab’s “Animystics” show opening on April 25! The theme of the show was spirit animals or guides, this one is a black heron that opens windows between worlds. If you’re interested in prints be sure to check out the shop HERE, you can buy 8”x10” fine art prints for $20 or the framed original drawing for $200 and a portion of the proceeds goes to animal rescues. Be sure to check out everyone else’s work as well, there are some incredible pieces in this show!

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This was my belated piece for the Sword and Sworcery A/V Jam. I’ve wanted to play this game for ages, pretty much since the first trailers came out, but haven’t been able to since my phone isn’t smart enough and it’s not available for Mac. Regardless, I hope this still holds true to the spirit of the game and maybe one day I’ll actually be able to give it a go. 

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a little step by step process for my “hangar image posted today”.
sorry i know i should do videos, but i guess i’m getting old. all the tests from a few years back were slowing down my machine, transforming the experience into something really crappy. must try again.

a small explanation for all steps:
01 - basic block in of the hangar
02 - further refining, mostly blocking a good compo
03 - adding the vehicle
04 - a small overlay in the greens to emphasize shadows
05 - auto color (or auto tone?) to obtain richer tones
06 - describing the loco
07 - 2 overlays and one darken layer to take care of slightly limiting the bright white areas, as well as obtaining better shadows and dark areas. also putting a touch of bright light in the upper left.
08 - another describing phase. lights done simply with a color dodge.
09 - smoke and flags. self explanatory
10 - final pass using once again the “auto color” mode. erasing afterwards to leave the background with the original yellow. this step is reintroducing colder tones where needed.

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Dark mermaids by *hoooook

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Happy Easter! After the Storm (detail)

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Japanese director Suzuki Seijun 鈴木 清順 & model Yamaguchi Sayoko 山口 小夜子 (1950-2007) - 1981, Japan

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